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Frustrated with consistent problems and failures of your current refrigeration system? Curious to know how your company could benefit from an equipment update? Considering a custom-built system to maximize results? P.R.S. can provide you with the knowledge and resources to address your most pressing industrial refrigeration questions and concerns. From evaluation, to development, to implementation, we are experienced and trained to help overcome your system flaws and get your system in shape for future success. We proudly offer our expertise in these areas:

  • Consulting – We will assess your current situation and give our recommendations for the best plan of action to meet your specific needs.
  • Engineering and Design – Our engineers will examine the requirements and specifications that are unique to your situation and build a solution that is customized just for you.
  • Custom Fabrication – In our in-house fabrication facility, P.R.S. will build components suited for your operational needs from entire systems to partial structures including pressure vessels, low temperature piping, tanks, skids and more.
  • Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance – We will see that your equipment is properly set up and maintained to ensure maximum system health and productivity.

Refrigeration Consulting

If you’re sure your system could run better but are unsure how to make that happen, let our refrigeration consultants take a look at it. We know the right questions to ask and places to look to properly evaluate if your system is running at its optimum level. Here are just a few common issues that signify an ineffective, inadequate or incomplete system :

  • High operating costs
  • Inefficient energy usage
  • Poor system performance
  • Lingering or recurring problems
  • Frequent equipment breakdowns

To help our customers in understanding their refrigeration needs and planning for the future, P.R.S. is experienced in providing the following consultation services:

  • Comprehensive system analysis
  • System upgrade recommendations
  • New system selection
  • Expansion options

...and much more, all tailored to meet your specific refrigeration requirements.

Refrigeration Engineering and Design

Despite the growing number of manufactured refrigeration systems available for installation, it can be difficult to find a prebuilt system that’s right for you. After an extensive evaluation of your company’s refrigeration needs and requirements, you may discover that a custom-built system is your best option. Our team of P.R.S. designers and engineers are specialists in developing the best solution to achieve your refrigeration goals. By investing in a custom system, you are guaranteed to see unparalleled results in the areas that matter most: operation and energy costs, maintenance and repair costs, system performance, reliability, and longevity – all contributing to big savings in the long run.

Custom Fabrication

With our in-house fabrication facility, P.R.S. is able to ensure quality control of assembled products, equipment, and systems, all while reducing overall cost for our customers. Our team of professionals comply with all standards and codes. We can help you with all of your custom fabrication needs from entire systems to partial structures, including:

  • Metal, stainless steel and carbon steel fabrication
  • Low temperature piping
  • Pressure vessel fabrication
  • Tanks
  • Skids

Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

We are equipped to install, repair, and maintain every product we sell, and we sell every product we service. If you are having issues that it seems no one can solve, call P.R.S. to review your unique situation, and we will make a recommendation that will get your system up and running in no time.

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