Performance. Efficiency. Reliability.

If your business relies on industrial refrigeration and automation systems, then you know the importance of these three factors to a successful and smooth operation. At P.R.S., we understand the complexity of a fine-tuned refrigeration system, and we are focused on helping our customers achieve lower costs, higher effectiveness, and a more positive outlook for the future of their business.

A System for Success

With years of extensive training and experience in industrial refrigeration, Louisiana-based company Process Refrigeration Systems, Inc. knows that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The varying needs of our customers have led us to become experts in customizing refrigeration systems to suit all types and sizes of businesses. Our commitment to efficiency, reliability, and improving system operations allows us to offer your company solutions that will give you the competitive edge. By carefully assessing and evaluating our customers’ individual needs, barriers, and goals, we are able to devise a plan that achieves specific, measurable results. At P.R.S., our system is built for your success.

The E-vantage

Inefficient use of electricity can cost you in many ways. That’s why our team of specialists is trained to analyze, evaluate, and consider all your options in reaching your efficiency potential. We make efficiency a top priority in determining the best solution for our customers, whether we are selecting a manufactured system that meets your specifications or designing and engineering a custom refrigeration system from scratch. When you increase efficiency, you decrease time, energy, and cost – for the long run. It’s time to capitalize that “E!”

Out with the Old

One of the biggest factors in improving efficiency is updating your equipment. Your old machinery simply wasn’t made to produce the energy-saving results that today’s high-efficiency products and parts can offer. At P.R.S., we specialize in ways to reduce energy consumption and in turn, drastically improve the reliability of your refrigeration system. Whether your system needs a complete overhaul or just a minor adjustment to your current application, our staff is experienced and highly trained in the latest refrigeration technology to bring your system up to speed.

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